Cloud based - Custom Field & Invoices

Custom Field prefix text are not displaying correctly now.

As well as the monthly invoices from billing tab format was deviates form it’s actual layout.

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+1 here…
Current custom fields (and new ones…) data-bind for value is not working…

data-bind="value: CustomFields.get('xxxxx')"

Tested on: Manager cloud version 17.6.81

Me too. The Custom Fields doesn’t seem to pull through to the documents.
I made two custom fields for the Sales Invoices. None of the custom fields pull through
to the sales invoice. Any suggestions?

Could you try again in the latest version (17.6.82)?

I am having the same issue with my invoices.
I have also lost my ability to select and keep my custom theme invoice.
If I want to use my custom invoice, I must choose it each time as it goes back to the plain default one.

@lubos just tested on 17.6.83 … and is working.
Thank you very much for the quick fix.