Wrong amount of Transactions in Report

I have noticed that the wrong amount of transactions are shown for some of my clients when I request the Statement Report:

See image below where Felix shows 5 Transactions, which is incorrect:

In the image below is the actual bank transaction:

On the statement image it also just shows 3 transactions:

I have noticed that it only does this with transactions where the description on the bank statement is something like this: NA 0000134506 - 310122016 - 1/. With the other transactions where the description is the clients name or something else it does not do this.

I use Desktop Manager 17.1.15

Isn’t the 5 the total number of transactions that exists for that customer
The statements only shows the transactions between the from and to dates.

Therefore, why don’t you Edit that transaction and change description to the clients name and see if that makes any difference - if not, then it has nothing to do with the description.

Yes you are correct.
That is why I requested a statement for the full date range in which transactions occured for that client.
Also see summary of all clients transactions below:

I figured out what the problem is.
When I don’t allocate the receipt to a specific invoice then it counts extra transactions and shows wrong result.
When I do allocate the payment to a specific invoice then it shows the correct result.

They should be able to fix this bug easily.

I have now allocated each receipt to an invoice and most of the transactions are right except for one.

See list of all “Taimi” customer transactions below:

Now see Transactions Column that shows 10, where it is actually only 4:

You will see the client actually paid in more money than the actual invoices themselves and I noticed that when this happens it counts extra transactions.

So as soon as no invoice is allocated on a receipt or if their is over payments on an invoice then it counts more transactions.

Not sure that its a bug, you only see the documented transactions, but internally Manager could be doing other transactions which are part of the count - hence that’s why you see different numbers based on different processing, single receipt v’s individual invoice receipt.

Anyhow, over the life of Manager I don’t think anyone else has ever noticed those differences - does it matter ?

@Brucanna is partly correct, @wdicksons. The number of transactions showing includes only those for the defined period of the “transactions” type customer statement. But that number is definitely not the same as the number of line items on the statement. Manager includes many control accounts, and is a double-entry system. Sometimes there are opening balance entries. Sometimes there are automatic allocations. So that number really has no practical application for the user. What you observe is definitely not a bug.

Thanks for the explanation. @Brucanna you are right it does not make a difference all my other accounting records work as required.