Customer statement does not show description details

Please fix this bug if I am not wrong, Customer statement does not show description details but just invoice numbers
Reports/Customer statements/Statement type(Transaction)/View

This isn’t a bug, just a design decision or philosophy. The customer statement is only meant as a summary of recorded transactions, not a detailed history of your relationship/sales/payments with a customer. Thus, it displays the origin of a debit or credit, not all information about a transaction.

If you think about it, where would you start or stop? What would you show as a description? Would you pick up the summary line from an invoice? Or would you want every line item on an invoice that ran to 100 items? What about a receipt or payment that covered multiple line items or even applied to multiple sales or purchase invoices? Manager would need a high level of intelligence to be able to produce consistently detailed statements fitting those desires. As is, it’s a succinct reference to original source records.

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But on the same logic it picks up multiple items of receipts to be shown on the customer statement.
I have seen lots of queries around this topic of description of Invoices not visible in customer statement. May be a kind of configuration setting could be offered for choosing what to be shown on such statements.

I’ve changed my opinion in the last year. By coincidence, this topic was recently resurrected on another thread. See my comment there: Customer Statement - invoice descriptions.

@Lubos recently adjusted the Description column in the Unpaid Invoices statement to make it easier to read the Invoice Descriptions:

I agree that it would be nice to see the same Invoice Description information appear in the Transactions statement. Currently, it does not:

The Transactions statement should have a narrow column for Invoice number (which for payments could be either blank or could show the invoice number(s) against which the payment was applied) and a wide column for Description. Alternatively, it could still have a single Description column that could still contain the invoice number, but it should also include the Invoice description field, just like the Unpaid Invoices report does and, interestingly, just like payments do in the Transactions report.

The next version (16.8.21) will show invoice description on the other statement too.


Very nice. This is a big improvement.

Thanks Lubos for considering this.
Do you already have some plan dates in mind? Why I ask because to circumvent this I started putting the key description in the invoice number itself :slight_smile:
In case its in near future I stop doing that already.
Further I just noticed I am at version 16.8.19. How do I upgrade to the next version?


It has already happened.

To download the new version from, click where it says Download and that will cause a download to occur. Once you have downloaded, install by running the downloaded file, then click where it says Install and that will cause an installation to occur.

Back up your data file before you do this, of course. To back up in Manager, click where it says Backup and that will cause a back up to be backed up.