How payments appear in the Transactions report

In the Customer Transactions report (Reports > Customer Statements > Transactions), payments received from customers appear as Receipt -- [Account name], where [Account name] is the internal name of the Cash & Cash Equivalents account to which the payment was directed:

This shouldn’t be. It’s of no interest to the customer which account I deposit his payment into, be it a bank account or a cash account. The report should indicate the type of payment (e.g. Payment received - cheque #1005 or Payment received - wire transfer or Payment received - cash), with the information perhaps coming from the Description field of the receipt transaction.

The statement will show description on line item. Why do you put Bank of Montreal as your description in receipt line item?

Ah, I see now. The account name appears on the statement if the Description field is blank. I’ve been putting the check number or payment method into the Notes field instead of into the Description field (because I think it looks better on the receipt under the itemisation table and in regular font, rather than above the table and in bold).

You are right. I can see the issue now. If description field was empty, then Manager was putting in cash account name. And this was leaking to customer statements. It wasn’t an intention and it’s fixed now in the latest version.

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