Error in Cash Statement

Any idea why I can’t see transactions dated 1st April in the statement?

When you compare the 1st screenshot opening balance of 11,80,223.00 with the same figure in the balance column in the 2nd screenshot you will note that three Apr 2 transactions are also missing from the report.

Perhaps the report is line limited so only displays the last 10 transactions

At the bottom of your 2nd screenshot is that transaction dated 01.01.00 correct as the next transaction is dated 01.04.16

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The report shows only last 10 transactions. It’s not an error. It’s as designed.

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How to see the full statement?

Instead of clicking View button which gives you a report. Click on the figure under Balance column. That will give you list of all transactions.

So i need to export them to excel and then print for record.

Yes, that’s correct. If you want to print them all.