Customer Statements (Transactions) not creating zero balance statements

When I go to reports > Receivables > Customer Statements, both unpaid invoices and transactions are only showing statements with outstanding amounts.

I use to be all to see / retrieve duplicate statements for any customer that needed for for a specified period of time. How can I do this now?

can you please explain clearly what you mean by this?

after opening Customer Statements (Transactions), click on the Set Period button.

I have 32 customers with multiple invoices for each.

If I open Customer Statements (Transactions), click on the Set Period button, select the time period, the only statements shown are the statements with a balance due.

If a customer has multiple invoices and all the invoices are paid, then no statement is available for that customer.

I used to be able to see and produce statements for all / any customer irrespective as to whether the invoices were paid or not.

What version of Manager are you using?
There are actually two reports. One for the transactions and the other for unpaid invoices.
Both reports work fine on my version.

Im using the online version. They both use to work fine on mine also.

I will list this as a Bug as it worked correctly in Version 18.1.69.
When selecting Customer Statements (Transactions), the report should list all transactions for the set period regardless of there being a balance or zero.

I can’t reproduce this issue.

I’ve created an invoice, made it paid so the balance is zero. I can see the statement available for those two transactions even if balance of customer is zero.

I cannot reproduce it either. I tried with a more elaborate test company, and everything shows:


I also checked supplier statements, and those behave properly, too.

I have a number of businesses and it seems this issue is only happening for one of the businesses? The other businesses are working fine.

Could you send backup file of that business to If we are able to reproduce the issue, it will be fixed.

Yes, I will do that. Thanks.

@Mark1, I think there is a misunderstanding how the feature works. If you are trying to retrieve a statement for customer which has no outstanding balance and no transactions within the period, statement won’t be generated.

I mean what would be the point sending customer a statement who has zero balance and had no business with you for the period of time.

So, @Mark1, is it true that the customers for whom no statement showed had no transactions during the period? When I showed my example, I had many with zero balances. They all appeared. But I had none with zero transactions.

Hi. I am so Sorry! I can normally produce duplicate statements even if the balance was zero and I still can. When Tut mentioned transactions, I checked business reports and realised there were no transactions during date period which explains why some aren’t appearing.

Thanks for your help with this matter… It’s been greatly appreciated.

No apology is necessary. You helped me learn something I didn’t know. Thanks.