Transactions total count error in statements

@lubos there seems to be a bug with the number of transactions shown under the Transactions column in customer and supplier statements. version 18.3.45

the error is not consistent.

  1. the below is from Customer Statements (Transactions)
    the total shows 8 transactions.

actual transactions only 4.

all other customers had the same mismatch in the total count.

  1. below is from Supplier Statements (Transactions)

in the above image, the total transactions for the first two suppliers are correct.
whereas, the third supplier has only 72 transactions in total while the count shows 130.

*please ignore the From date. i had not selected a date when capturing the screenshot but it does not make any difference.

i did not find this problem with unpaid invoices report.

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Me too. One customer, out of 7, has the incorrect number.

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I’m thinking… might be the transaction showed in the supplier or customer statement list included double entry? might be not.

Got the same here.

Should be fixed in the latest version (18.4.13)

Not fixed here - see Coolagad Bridge Club

I was able to narrow the period down and found that the miscounting was in the period 01/03/2018 to 31/03/2018

I can still duplicate this error. It does not happen with every customer, and I cannot determine when or why it happens. But I am putting this back into the bugs category.

OK, I can still see it too. Check the latest version (18.4.15) for fix.

Seems to be fixed. I note that opening balances are not included in the transaction count, which is what I would expect. But where they exist for the date range defined, the statement will have one more line than the number of transactions. So all looks good to me.