Working with Manager in Windows 7

I recently downgraded from Windows 10 back to Windows 7. Windows 10 used up all my data all the time. I downloaded Manager today and it told me that it cannot work on systems with internet explorer lower than 9. Some of my customers will also only have Windows 7. How do I get Manager to work on Window 7. Please help.

With regards to Window 10, why don’t you turn off the automatic updates so the data isn’t being consumed and then you can control the updates based on your spare data at the end of each cycle.

Have you tried updating Internet Explorer to a later version. I know that with XP, IE 9 was the highest possible, not sure about any limitations with Win 7.

Alternatively, buy more data.

You can upgrade to IE9 on Windows 7.

Do a full windows update on Windows 7 and this will install .net versions and Internet Explorer and anything else needed to run modern programs. Windows 7 by default comes with IE8 if memory serves me correctly. So you need to install IE11 which is the last version supported for windows 7.

@Brucanna I speak under correction, but users no longer have the ability to turn off automatic updates - Microsoft removed the functionality for Windows 10 home versions in order to ensure that all computers were always up to date as many home users never updated their system.

Staying off OP topic a little. You can, if using Wi-Fi, set the Internet connection to Metered and Windows 10 will not run the automatic updates.

Wired Ethernet connections, you have to do with the Registry.

Thats interesting to know. I will have a look at that when I next look at a windows 10 computer!