Manager installation package full independency

Let me explain my current problem not caused by manager.

I have 3 old computers with windows 7 all are old specification and useable due maintenance that I keep in check. This has been particular. Manager requires .NET framework starting 4.6.1? And Internet explorer 9 or newer. Which 2 of my old computer had updated the NET framework but could not update latest IE. Tried everything suggested pop up from search engine. Most likely whenever I updated the IE and restart as per required it crashed.

Which I have to restore the recovery state that has been saved before OS applying the changes. Then back to square one. The only saving grace one of my computer have the required IE version Net Framework and Manager installation desktop comes with server trial version which I could use that particular computer as server.

This is my request for windows OS. Can the installation file be standalone and indenpendent from relying os based software in someway? So it will be hassle free when I bought second hand computers.

i do not think many users and even the developer would want that since Manager is supported for different OS and not Windows alone.

also, Manager is a constantly evolving program and the developer is working hard to provide bug fixes at the earliest and updates which are not limited to one in a day. so making Manager a standalone application will increase the installer download size if it comes as a bundled software. Manager is used in many countries where internet access comes at a premium and users will not like a huge bandwidth usage for Manager updates.

One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. Manager tries to find the balance.


Why not use one of those older low-resource machines as your server running Linux.
The hardware requirements for it all are very small. Linux with Manager and it’s dependencies will happily and efficiently run very well on a machine that you could not even install the windows OS on. Then you can just use any client computer you wish to access Manager from whichever browser best suits the client you are using.

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I’m more familiar to windows gui. Not really fast learner on other than windows.

Had bad experience of not able to install my printer driver, tedious setting up auto run software when log on, unable to turn off sudo (at one point crashed for god knows what I did wrong back then) when installed and activate it. A lot of it. In other words I’m so bad at it.

The current computer (server) using windows 7 is more than enough for me.

About the updates I think is possible to make two different installation. One is for dependency another manager installation only. So only new user need these two, the existing no need download large file.

@xero50 the current server is one of the low consumption and specification I had, a bit slow when running microsoft office but able to run manager,wamp with espocrm, tonido, syncthing, baikal and print via wifi. :raised_hands:

I would like to ask the required web browser of IE to other web browser like firefox or any well known opensource web browser. Non-hassle installation not like IE. Tight to OS.

i understand you completely.

but if the computer gives you an error when installing a required software downloaded from its official source, it would still give the same error even if the software was bundled with Manager. so there is no point since this is the behavior of the computer you are installing on with respective to its OS.

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true. So my only option is stick with server edition or return to ubuntu? :sweat: or… Purchase Windows 10. :sob:

if you are having difficulties with updating IE, you should try downloading from the official site selecting the proper OS (32-bit or 64-bit).

if you encounter any errors with the installation, try windows update. this will install any necessary security updates or patch which might be missing that prevents updating IE.

I did install from official site, and windows update crash the os after reboot which odd enough. Never the less I stay with what I have, looking at linux mint and zorin os right now. ahahha.

And if I may add,

Your best option could be the Cloud edition, no installation hassles, no updating whatsoever. Everything already set whenever you need it.

@zion Thank you for reminding me the cloud edition. I have particular issue not having it in my computer. I’m more into off-the-grid centric. Wishing having less relying on infrastructure not within my control. :joy:.

If you read closely what kind of software I had mentioned. Everything is self-hosted.