Working from ICloud

I have followed the directions to work from ICloud so I don’t have an issue backing up I created a file to save all the contents from the appdata folder to. The folders are as follows Icloud - Bookkeeping - Manager. Some of the files go to the ‘Manager’ file but others (the ones with the cogs) want to stay in the bookkeeping file. If I move them to the file named ‘manager’ then the shortcut on my desktop does not work. I have checked the preferences in the application and it has C:\Users\Katrina\OneDrive\Bookkeeping\Manager. Is there something I’m doing not right?? I would like my ICloud to look tidy and everything in their folders. Sorry if confussing.

Then you need to create a new shortcut for the location where you have moved the files to.

Is this where the current shortcut is pointing to ?