Backing up ,Drop box,

I am a bit confused. I have a drop box account
and have manager desk top with 8 business
at the present time I save each file to a clients folder but I keep forgetting to save/ back up my work and have lost a bit of work because I reformatted something and all outside programs were removed and I had to reinstall manager.
to get automatic back ups do I
save each company folder to drop box and every time I want to open a company I go through drop box
or do I open manager click on the company name and manager will find it in my drop box.

If your software is up to date, it will be the latter: click on the company in the Recent list and Manager will find the primary accounting data file wherever you have stored it. Backups are distinct and should still be made. Just because your primary data file is in the cloud doesn’t mean it is backed up, no matter what measures the cloud service provider takes. Much less at risk, perhaps, but not risk free.

I don’t think I have the right use of words to me a back up of each business is a save.
I guess I did not save the data it was just in manager and when I lost manager none of the data was saved
what could I have done different
I know I should save each business after I work on it but I forget is there a way to save the work I am doing to file every hour or so.
or something what I do is
open a business and work on it then I might open another business and work on that and so forth but forget to save each individual business each time I go from one to another
is there something else I can do so I dont have this problem again
been busy reentering last years data so I can start this years lol

@Wornout, if you have a Dropbox account then that means you have a Dropbox folder on your computer.
Create a folder within that folder called Manager and put your business files within that folder.
Any file put into the Dropbox folder will be duplicated to the cloud service.

So each time you close a business it will be duplicated to the Dropbox as long as the internet is connected.
This way you will have a save / backup of your business files.

If you have a computer issue that requires a rebuild / reformat, just recreate your Dropbox account and download the files from cloud service.

This doesn’t replace the need to do actual save / backups as well. You could create another folder in the Dropbox called Manager Backups and put them there so there is also duplicates of them. This backup folder should also be copied to an external device periodically.

You misunderstand how Manager works. There is no Save function like there is in a word processing program. Manager automatically saves every single entry as it is made. But nothing is stored in the program itself or in any temporary file. All data is stored in a separate data file, which the application calls. You could keep Manager running for weeks with constant entries and never have to “Save” anything.

The point of a backup is not to save your data. Backups are used to duplicate the entire data file so the business can be recovered if the primary storage location is lost, or you want to transfer the business to another storage location.

If you really lost data for your 8 businesses stored in Dropbox, that could only be because you took action to delete the main files in Dropbox, not because you forgot to save them. Even if Dropbox had a massive, worldwide crash of all their redundant cloud systems, your data could have been recovered if you had a backup somewhere else, even if that was only a flash drive.

Personally, I suspect your files may still be there. Search your Dropbox folder for files with *.manager extensions. If the data was from before version 17.4.0, it will have a long, jumbled, alphanumeric name that makes no sense. If from a later version, it should have a plain language name recognizable as one of the businesses. Each business will have its own file.

Thanks Brucanna I did not have dropbox on my desk top I went on line and signed in. I now have it on my desk top and moved all my folders across and I can get it on my cell phone!. I don’t know a lot about drop box but have learned a bit in the last 2 hours lol.
Thank you once again
I have moved manager to there as well have I done the right thing? or should it be in my c drive somewhere?

oh I did find out that if internet is not on then it will go to drop box as soon as it is

A good thing this happened as I tided up all the files and zipped files that were from 2008 and put them on disk and removed them from client folders. I have tided up all my files now to start on email folders that will take me hours lol.

No Tut I did not have anything in drop box but have now :grinning:

The Dropbox folder is on your C Drive, so moving Manager there is the right thing

I have the desktop version of Manager on my laptop and saved the set up files in One Drive when first downloaded it. I need to access one of the businesses files from work although I can not seem to find how to access the business files. I can see the set up files and manual backups that I saved months ago but not the files that were worked on last night. Do you know what I should be looking for?

It is not clear what you mean by “set up files.” If you are referring to the download itself, that will do you no good. Your data is stored in an business data file in the application data folder. Read this Guide for an explanation of where your data is and how to identify it: Manager Cloud.