Where does Manger go on my MAC


I am new to Manager and have installed it on my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately it seems to be disappear and I have to go into FIND and install again - it then takes me to my original set-up? Can anyone help? Can I create a shortcut on my desktop?


Are you saying after the program disappears, you also lose access to your business file?

If that’s the case, there must be an issue with how you Mac operates since data is always stored outside of program folder. In other words, even if you delete the shortcut or the program, data will remain saved on your computer so re-installing the program will give you access to your data.

If you lose both program and data, it seems like your Mac reverts back to some previous state and in that case I assume you should have this issue with all your recently installed programs, not just Manager.


I don’t actually lose my business files but the program disappears. Manager is the only one I’m having these issues with.


When you open DMG file you have downloaded from the Internet, you should drag the Manager icon into your application folder or on the desktop.


Thanks for your help. Hopefully that will work.


I also had this problem and didn’t realise I had to drag the icon into the applications folder - thanks. Does all the information about my invoices etc stay within the application or does too save it somewhere else?

Also is there any archive process - so you keep the data for previous months, previous invoices etc. and work on currents ones?


With Manager open, click on “About Manager” on the top toolbar. The program will tell you where the application data is being stored. This will be something like /Users/YourName/.local/share/Manager. Select and copy that path.

On a Mac the .local folder is normally hidden so you cannot see it in Finder (although it is definitely there). Open Finder and then from the Go menu select Go To Folder… and paste in the copied path and click OK and you should then see the contents of the folder. Your information never goes away. Even if you delete a business, Manager saves the data in case you change your mind.

Inevitable drive failures being a fact of life, you should back up your data. While you are working in the program, there is always a Backup button at the upper right corner. Click on it and specify a location for your backup data. Of course, this should be on a different device than the main accounting file so you don’t lose both at once. A USB flash drive will work, as will an external hard drive, or cloud storage.