Finding Account Location on a Mac

Under the Prefence tab Manager shows the path to our Data File.
I have had some experience on a PC and the path provided can be found however,
finding the file on a Machine the format provided … well I’m lost:-


I assume that this indicates that the file is on a server. In this case it would be Dropbox.
The file does not exist anywhere on drop box and in fact the last file update for any document
is the 7 days prior to my current updates on Manager.
When I initially open the file the company name displays with the word “rename” along side it
is that a problem? I have tried changing the name but still cannot locate the file.

The application data folder is not on a server. It is hidden, like many system and application files, on a Mac. You have two easy alternatives:

  1. Copy the path from the Preferences tab. In the Finder, select Go => Go to Folder…, paste the path into the window, and click Go. You will be taken to the application data folder.

  2. While viewing a Finder file search window, simultaneously press the keys Command + Shift + . (That’s a period.) This toggles hidden files on. You will be able to see the .local folder and files within it. The same key sequence toggles hidden files off when finished.

For more information about application data, see the Guide: Manager Cloud.

Thank you Tut.

The Guide also explains a lot.