Windows XP and Manager support finally ended?

I see that with the latest release [26th April 2016], @lubos has finally ended support for users running manager desktop with Windows XP - that is a real shame. I fully appreciate that Windows XPSP3 is no longer supported by the Microsoft machine, but there are still many XP machines out there that are in daily use for things other than internet associated stuff, and will probably continue to be used for years to come.

The machine we have been running desktop manager on for the past six weeks or so [fairly new here to manager program] has not been connected or allowed access to the internet for some two years or more. It is a fairly old box, but has been retained to run an old bespoke piece of software that is no longer supported and does not install or run on newer systems. Manager does not need a speed machine to run and this machine was chosen for convenience. It is still on our network but has restricted router / internet access. It still has access to our printers and data store and has been working well as we build up and transfer stock and customer data from previous working system.

Last manager msi file to install on this XP machine was version 16.3.98, I only downloaded today’s manager file because I was on the forum reading some stuff and though, download and install latest file just because. When I tried to install manager, I received an installer information message informing me my system requires .NET 4.5 to continue - which with .NET 4.5 - Windows XP was never supported - game over.

So unless the main man has a wee change of heart regards use and requirement for .NET 4.5 with manager, any further updates aimed at Windows XP installations are mute :cry:

lubos, can we have a reprieve and can anything be done - other than the obvious - change to a Windows 7 [or higher] box!

.NET 4.0 is holding back some outstanding issues on Mac and Linux. Also, there have been number of bugs in past months which I had to deal with because of .NET 4.0.

I know it’s a shame but it’s getting really difficult to support Windows XP. Even Dropbox is dropping support for Windows XP this month. The same goes for Google Chrome.

The last version of Manager which still works on Windows XP is Manager.msi (2.7 MB)

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I would go straight to Win 10, much closer to XP in functioning compared to 7, 8 or 8.1

I would spend your time working out how to get your legacy program to work on Windows 7 - I would not bother with Windows 10 - its awful. Windows 7 actually works better with legacy programs than Windows XP ever did! You may need to turn off UAC, run as administrator (for the program) or run in compatibility mode for the program etc - but you should be able to get your legacy program to work in windows 7.

To me, this would make more sense than trying to run an old operating system which fewer and fewer companies like Manager will be supporting in the future. The reality is that there has to come a cutoff point where support for XP has to end as it becomes too time consuming for developers to support W10, W7 and XP as well as Mac versions and recent Linux versions. I myself informed my clients two years ago that I would be ending support for XP at the end of that year as it was becoming too time consuming to update my logon script for Windows 7 and XP and XP was having more issues opening media files and websites etc and so many other things!

Hire a computer technician to transfer your legacy program to Windows 7 as I see no reason why Windows 7 would not support the program if Windows XP can. I found Windows 7 worked far better with legacy apps than Windows XP. Or perhaps its time for you to start looking for a modern version of the program. There are so many programs out there nowadays and they will be able to do so much more than a legacy app was ever designed to do.

Thank you @lubos for the explanation as to why support has been dropped - although I see today looking at the download page, the wording for the Windows Installer link has reverted back to “Requires Windows XP SP3 or newer” from yesterdays “Requires Vista or newer” - does that mean manager for XP use has been given a temporary reprieve?

I have just downloaded another copy of the manager.msi file and installed it without issue [regards .NET 4.5 missing message] on this Windows XP machine - About Manager displays 16.4.13 so it would appear for the time being, we are getting updates that will run on XP again - thanks you lubos


I would go straight to Win 10, much closer to XP in functioning compared to 7, 8 or 8.1

That option I’m afraid I respectfully disagree with from where I sit, on that one I would have to agree with @dalacor, I would not give Windows 10 house room just yet. The option we are looking at the moment short term is to run with last XP supported version of manager on this XP machine until all data has been transferred / entered, only then will we are in a better position to run live with it in the business environment, at that time a Windows 7 Pro box will be called into play.

Regards the other bespoke legacy software on this Windows XP machine, we have in the past run this via Microsoft Virtual PC in Windows XP mode, it proved for the best part successful, but it did glitch a bit more frequently when run this way. It has also been run via VirtualBox, which proved even more unstable and was abandoned, replacement software options are being worked on just now, so no real big issues other than time.

@Jewelie, Manager is now compiled against .NET 4.5 but it doesn’t use any new features from that version so I left minimal requirement .NET 4.0. Can you test the latest version if it still works? If it does, then I’ll allow installation on Windows XP even though Manager is targeting .NET 4.5 now.

@lubos, Just downloaded manager.16.4.29, it installed without issue but threw an error when trying to run it.

As usual, files were backed up prior to upgrading to new version, I have uninstalled manager.16.4.29 and reinstalled last downloaded working version again Manager.16.4.24

I appreciate the potential continuance for running on Windows XP but this version is not playing ball, if you would like me to test another version I will be only too happy to assist.

Unfortunately this is the end of Windows XP support as far as Manager Desktop edition goes. Sorry about that. I did try to support Windows XP as long as I could.

I just downloaded this version on my XP run computer, what, if any, problems do you think I might have? It seems to be working ok.

@Janine We are still running nearly the last version [for XP] of Manager 16.4.24 on our XP Pro machine in the Office and have been doing so for the past four months, day to day, M-F with no problems other than the occasional user input error.

Why are we still running XP some other forum members may ask, all out of simple convenience as there are still other items of bespoke software on this machine that are in use. Moving to other [up-to-date] software is a work in progress, but the main thing said is that Manager is working like a dream and will no doubt continue to do so.

The newest version of Manager will obviously have new features that we are missing and lots of minor bug fixes, but there should be no major issues preventing its daily use with this slightly older XP version of Manager.

Hi Jewelie,
Thanks so much for your response. I only use my computer for our small business and didn’t want to have to get a new computer and/or pay for a new program. All working great at moment.