ManagerDesktop.exe infected?

Since some weeks my antivirusprogram Avast Free says ManagerDesktop.exe contains a virus named “Win32: Evo-gen [Susp]”.
Is this true?

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Someone has already reported this to Avast as false positive and Avast has updated their definition files which is fixing this issue. Try to upgrade to the latest version of Avast.

So no, there wasn’t any virus infection.

Just Scanned the same file on virustotal and along with the above “Win32: Evo-gen [Susp]” from Avast, it also reported “Multi.Threats.InArchive” from a company called “Baidu”.

Can you confirm this is another false positive

If you are downloading software from our website, then yes, it is false positive.

If you are downloading from elsewhere, then who knows. Some download sites are known to distribute Manager as a bundle with 3rd-party software. Never download Manager from these sites.

Also, I encourage everyone to report all false positives to their antivirus vendors. Not only you get confirmation from the vendor themselves that it is in fact false positive, you will also get to help improve their detection algorithm so your antivirus program becomes more reliable.