Virus Alert?

I have just downloaded the desktop version 21-1-52.
Eset virus scanner has just detected: Win64/Patched.U trojan.
The only options offered were delete or ignore.

Hoping this is a false positive,

Can anyone advise?

After deleting the file, this is what I get when I try to open a Manager company file


Please deactivate the real-time scan of your anti-virus before downloading…

Errrrr, why?

In any case, I downloaded the msi file and then separately scanned it. I have NOT installed it.

Malwarebytes has not dtected anything

@Alan1351 it’s false positive. But you need to ask Eset what to do. It’s their product, so they need to fix this. Nothing that can be done at our end.

Windows 64bit v21.1.53 msi scans OK with EST v14.0.22.0 and virus total VirusTotal
Will check running the file to install Manager.

For me Manager x64 v21.1.53 installed without error while running ESET. On this machine I’m running Windows 7 professional and install Manager in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Manager” (via Windows Installation (not portable) - #6 by Patch ) but I’m not sure how that would effect an ESET virus detection.

@Abeiku In your Eset error message a “file” link reference is shown. Have you clicked on that link to find out which file is tripping the virus detection?

That’s a relief!

Eset informed

Thanks @lubos