Virus (treat) found on recent Manager desktop download file

Today (30.10.2015) while downloading windows version (MSI format) of Desktop edition of Manager file from, found that the file is having IDP.ARES.Generic virus embedded on it. After installation, I clicked desktop shortcut and the antivirus identifies the virus and deletes the installed file from system making Manager unusable. I restored to the previous version as I had old version. Given below screenshot.

Go to and upload any files that you are concerned about. Sometimes you get what is called a false positive on your own system. If you get a warning, it is usually best not to install the software, but for something like Manager where one can clearly see an active forum and its an accounting program rather than a dodgy pirate download of movie etc, then it makes sense to use an online scanner to check the file in addition to your own anti virus system

Virustotal has a dozen or two dozen virus scanners. I uploaded manager and its clean on their site and my anti virus Avira also finds nothing! I suspect that your anti virus just isn’t sure so it flagged it to be safe!

It’s false positive.

I think it’s the AVG error.

I reported false positive on AVG site. Also made exception on AVG scanning section through Options -> Advance Settings -> Exception. Now its working.

I also write software and when I compiled my program I discovered that by shear chance the ones and noughts were exactly the same signature as a known virus. It’s just possible that the same has happened here. You’re downloading from a trusted site so just ignore it.