Why my Purchase Invoices become Suspense?

I use purchase invoice and spend money account to pay these purchase invoices.
I don’t have any suspense account before, all was good in their place.

I’m not really sure why and when this is happening but in my current version (16.3.32) the problem exists.
Some (not all) my purchase invoices become suspense account.

I update to the latest version (16.3.77) but my problem still persist.

Any help?


Manager puts transactions into Suspense when they are unbalanced or incomplete in some way and it cannot determine how to handle them. You will find the problem by investigating these specific transactions, because in some way they differ from others that were handled correctly.

  1. Were the suppliers created before the entries were made?

  2. Were specific purchase invoices selected after Accounts payable was selected on the Spend Money transactions?

Also, is this the entire list of Suspense entries? Remember, any entry in Suspense indicates a problem. That account should always be empty.

Try to show screenshot how your purchase invoice was created.

Thank you for all the replies,

I found the problem, that is because the supplier box is empty and I need to add supplier to my purchase invoices so it won’t be at suspense account :slight_smile: