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why does manager throw a few of my invoices and purchases into the suspense account?

Because they are incorrect

Something is missing - but unless you post a copy of the EDIT screen, no one can help any further

OK, and what do you see in Suspense account?

And what version are you using? I’m not able to reproduce this issue in the latest version.


You are many versions behind. Update and let us know if that fixes things.

How do i update?

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Exact update procedures depend on your operating system. See the Guides. But basically, you update exactly the same way you originally installed, without any need for removing the old version first.

@caravanman if you have blank lines in your invoices it will post empty lines to Suspense. I notice the Simbai invoice has no values in your suspense account which matches your first screenshot which has a blank line.

If you have values sitting in suspense that’s for other reasons, like you’re missing an account on your invoice and other problems.

In macOS I would advise to overwrite the old version because you may end up with numerous Manager installs.

@eko, that is what I said.

No you did not. If they choose not to overwrite they will have additional installs. In Windows that is not possible.

I wrote,

My purpose was to emphsize that you do not have to uninstall before you can install the new version. You are correct that I did not explicitly say that you had the choice of deliberately keeping both versions or overwriting the old. I should have been more precise. Your point about macOS is moot, however, because @caravanman is using Windows.

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i did update manager and the problem still remains

Have a look at deleting the blank lines on your invoices, that will remove the lines in suspense which don’t have Rand values.

@caravanman see below image, @pau rightly advised to delete empty lines and this is accomplished by clicking on the x at the end of each empty line.