Suspense Showing when Supplier is not entered

I see my transaction in suspense account when I post to the right account but do not enter any supplier name when creating a purchase invoice. Please is this how the server version 20.8.67 is supposed to behave now. @lubos kindly look into it for me. Thanks.

@Daniel_Arthur Update to 20.9.50, you have to select a supplier to complete a purchase invoice in the first place so I don’t really understand your problem.

My issue is with the suspense account populating with such a transaction. I am thinking it should not be so rather there should be some flexibility in recording some of these transactions. However, I agree for proper records, the name of the supplier should be entered.

Send screenshots. A supplier account must be credited after you have selected an expense account(s) to be debited for that Purchase invoice to complete the double entry. If you do not select a supplier, the double-entry is incomplete and manager warns you with the suspense account.

Edit screen for Purchase Invoice

Purchase Invoice Complete

Suspense Account showing transaction

Drill down on suspense account

Ok, select a supplier to complete the double entry

Dr: Printing and stationery 150
Cr: Supplier 150