My complete administration got somehow mangled up

Today I updated to the latest version of manager and now my whole administration got mangled up. The numbers are not correct anymore and a lot of transactions have become empty lines… I’m a little bit, to say the least, worried now… Is there a way to roll back?

Give an example of screenshot what you expect to see and where.

I can make a screenshot later. Basically a lot of my transactions got empty descriptions now. Somehow the information of the transactions is lost, so now it’s in a temporary account. This means I have to find back all my past transactions to see what happened then. This is a huge amount of work :frowning:

OK, when you show the screenshot demonstrating the issue, we can move forward.

Here are two screenshots. One of my assets, where all purchase costs are gone and one of an empty transaction…

Here you see the suspense account where over 1900 euros of transactions has been moved to…

If I look in the purchase history I see this:

And when opening such an empty line I see this:

Each purchase invoice must have a supplier. Without selecting supplier on purchase invoice, purchase invoice won’t be valid accounting record.

I understand, but does that mean that with an update all info is gone? Or is just adding a supplier enough?

Just started adding a ‘other’ supplier and it seems the info is still there. Thanks!

I just found out what exactly happened. All payments without a supplier or customer got detached from the payment information. So the bill got into the system as accounts payable/receivable and the payments themselves were put into the suspense account.

So it was quite a hassle to put everything back. Maybe this is something to look at, because it seems a bit like a little bug in the system…

Thanks for the help!

It wasn’t a bug. Newer versions are more strict when it comes to accounting records.

The whole point of purchase invoices is to track unpaid expenses (or purchases on credit). If you don’t select supplier on purchase invoice, it implies you are just recording cash purchases for which you shouldn’t be using “Purchase Invoices” tab at all. Cash purchases should be recorded directly under Cash Accounts or Expense Claims tabs.

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I understand what you mean, but still it’s not so nice that with an upgrade the whole system gets split up. It would be nice if there was some kind of way to say ‘please add a supplier’ or so. It was quite a lot of work that wasn’t necessary I think… But that’s just my opinion of course.

With some accounting systems, @avdhoeven, those incorrectly entered transactions would have been lost when a software upgrade introduced protections against improper entries. The Suspense account is a reflection of Manager’s underlying design philosophy that information should be preserved whenever possible. But when things are wrong, I think it would be impossible for any program to discern what you really intended and tell you how to fix it. There are too many possibilities. If the program knew what was wrong, it could simply fix it.

For future reference, you might look at this Guide:

Maybe make supplier a required field so you can’t make that error?

Yeah, that’s how it is already implemented in newer versions.

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