Suspense Account

I thought that the issue of the suspense account not showing if there was a zero balance had been fixed. I have just discovered 5 pages of items in the suspense account because the first item had an amount but no supplier.

It seems that in version 22.3.8, a lot of entries were showing in suspense as a result of me some years ago using extra lines for more information, but with no amounts attached. I have solved this, by simply deleting those entries as they don’t affect the financial outcome and they were mainly notes based.

However, on my test Manage, I upgraded to the latest version - 22.7.5 and it seems that there are even more items in suspense now, except the items in the newest version seem to be delivery notes where there is no item selected, simply a description. Some of this dates back to a time when I wasn’t using the Item field, just the description field.

I presume that these changes are expected as result of the changes between 22.3.8 and 22.7.5. I am not concerned about it, as the entries should not have been made just in description. There should have been an item (account) selected.

What I am interested in, is confirmation whether the issue of blank suspense account entries not showing up on the Summary Page. I only noticed it because I had one transaction with an amount in suspense.

Could you show some screenshots?

Actually I stand corrected. The first random one that I selected in Suspense account shows item and description. That one is an Inventory Kit. So the lack of item is not the issue. In fact looking at the first one with inventory kit, I cannot see any reason why this delivery note is in suspense items?

This is not an issue in my live version of Manager which was updated around March. Try deleting a supplier in an invoice so it will move that to Suspense Account and make suspense account viewable on summary page as an invoice will have an amount. You might find you also have a lot of entries in Suspense account that shouldn’t be there.

I have same issue with one of my customers a lot of Receipt Vouchers in Suspense account now

I am facing the same issue. i have some number in suspense.

Transactions are posted to the Suspense account when there is an error in the transaction

If you correct the error, the transaction will disappear from the Suspense account

If you do not know what the error is, then show the edit screen of the transaction here to get further help

We all understand the purpose of the Suspense Account. The question is what errors (if any) these transactions have. I cannot see anything wrong with any of my delivery notes.

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Rather than arguing, you would do better to follow @Joe91’s suggestion and post screen shots of Edit screens.

This the edit view

I have already posted screenshots in the third post. I have done a screenshot showing the transactions in my suspense account and a screenshot of the edit view of one of the transactions.

My apologies, @dalacor. Your first screen shot was not explained when you showed it. So it was not clear what it was showing. Now that you have explained it is part of the list of transactions in Suspense, I have a suggestion. I notice that delivery note #20 is not linked to a customer sales invoice. What happens if you complete the delivery note by selecting the appropriate sales invoice?

I couldn’t help but to think of this issue from a completely different perspective.

I know that accounts have been recently introduced to non-financial documents such as orders and delivery notes to enhance projects. But why these non-financial documents are using financial accounts?

Would it be possible for these documents to use their own separate set of accounts that do not interfere with financial accounts?

I have selected a random invoice number and Order Number. No effect on the outcome.

I have looked at Delivery Notes that are not in Suspense and they appear to be identical in how they are filled out. I cannot see any reason why some delivery notes are affected and others aren’t unfortunately.

I might restore the test database to a point before I deleted the extra entries in invoices to see if this has any effect on the delivery notes. But I doubt that the two are related.

I suspect it may be more to do with the changes made to the forms over time.Something has changed with Manager between version 22.38 and today.

I don’t know what you are talking about, but this sounds like the root cause? I can’t see any cause for why some delivery notes are in suspense and others aren’t.

@dalacor, I was able to find some delivery notes in Suspense in one of my test businesses. After some experimentation, I discovered that (in this case only) some had no entry in the Qty field, and some included non-inventory items. Deleting the non-inventory items cleared the transactions from Suspense. I am going to investigate a little more. This might be a bug.

I also found one with an “orphaned” item, though it was not identifiable. Only a UUID showed on the delivery note. Presumably it was an inventory item I was able to delete because there were no financial transactions referencing it. I can’t be sure about that, because of all the strange things I’ve done within that test business over the years.

some of mine have quantities in every row and some don’t. Looking at transactions that are not affected, there seems to be no rhyme or reason why some are affected and some are not. There is no common pattern them.

My delivery notes vary. some have inventory kits, some have inventory items, some have just descriptions, some have quanties, others don’t or have a mix.

When I have got some time today, I will see if I can determine at what Manager update causes this to identify the underlying cause. But I will have to do that this evening.

I have not had time yet to look into this. Anyone else determined whether the issue is a bug?

I just created a bug report for one aspect of Manager’s behavior with respect to the Suspense account. I don’t believe it is directly connected to the delivery note issue, but who knows? I am still experimenting.

@dalacor, I just submitted another bug report. I am curious whether the date issue resolves any of your problems. Note that you will need to update the software for your test business, because other problems existed that were just fixed.

In our case I have traced the issue it is found that These transaction was created by Batch Update

now we have 9000+ Entry I would like to know if this would once the bug corrected or we need to amend these transaction manually