Why does "Spend Money" not show the suspense bank entries...?

I am using the “Spend Money” option for the Purchase Invoices.
When i click on it and pay it from the bank a/c…where the entry is already there in lying in “suspense”…why does not it show the entries…??
if i complete this process…the suspense entry still lies there…which is not good.

i think when using spend money…if we choose to pay from bank…it should show the suspense entries so we can allocate them to the respective purchase invoice.

I am not sure I completely understand your question.

When you select Spend Money from a purchase invoice, the first screen that appears allows you to choose the account from which you are paying. A business might have several accounts, and Manager has no way to know which one to use unless you tell it. Suspense appears only as a default because that is the account to which Manager assigns incomplete, incorrect, or unbalanced entries. There are no “suspense” entries. When you click on the dropdown box that initially shows the gray word Suspense, all you cash accounts should appear.

After you select the account to pay from, the edit screen for the purchase invoice appears, already populated with Accounts payable and the purchase invoice you are paying.

If you are referring to something different, please explain.

step by step -

  1. we click “spend money” on purchase invoice.
  2. we choose the a/c from which we want to pay.
  3. i choose my bank from “paid from” drop-down list to pay the purchase invoice.
    Now in my bank a/c (which i had imported) have the payment information (in suspense a/c) for this particular invoice. And I want to allocate this suspense entry to this particular purchase invoice from here.
    So the spend money form should show the suspense entries apart from the “Accounts payable” from that particular bank a/c which you choose to pay from. And then allocate that suspense entry to the invoice.

i hope i m clear.

If you have paid the Invoice via Spend Money, then you should delete the imported payment otherwise you would be duplicating the payment.

Alternatively, don’t do the Purchase Invoice - Spend Money and just use the imported transaction.
After you have imported the transactions you will see a message like “x no of items” with a VIEW button after, click on the VIEW and all the suspense items will be listed, from there you can “EDIT” the payment and change the account - Suspense to Accounts Payable. You can also set up Bank Rules for regular items.

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Thank you for the additional information, @pk1774. @Brucanna has explained the solution to your problem.