Strange manager when opening from folder

Should I be deleting the manager that has all the 00000000.
I am on desktop version and did not have my main manager program file open
So what I did was opened the manager file(19.07.04 from the folder
when it opened it also put another manager file in there the one with all the 00000
Can I delete this?

Just a note I do not often open manager from folder

No! That’s an index file. Read the Guide: If you delete it, Manager will recreate it.

But it is not clear what this folder is. Is it the application data folder? Or is it something else you created on your own to store backups and other files? If it is the application data folder, nothing else should be in it except what Manager puts there. If it’s some other folder, Manager will treat it as a local data folder when you open a Manager file directly (meaning not from the main Businesses page). It will create an index file and a Trash folder

On desktop edition, this file is still used to store your language, number and date settings. Eventually this file won’t be needed so your application data folder will contain only your businesses.

Actually it doesn’t matter if there are other files. Manager will ignore them if they don’t have .manager extension.

I back up each clients manager to their respective year folder which is in Dropbox
on the desktop I have a manager Icon on the desk top and it opens manager with all the clients listed .I click on the one I want and it opens.
And yes there is a trash folder but it has nothing in it.
It has only happened when I dont go through the manager Icon on the desk top and open the manager file directly through the clients folder in drop box
It takes up a wee bit of storage space in drop box so thats why i wanted to delete it.

Thank you for The link you gave me
it does say


When using the desktop edition, business data files can be stored outside the application data folder and opened directly without first launching the Manager application. This is done by creating a backup file in the desired storage location. Business data files stored this way are not also copied to the application data folder, so information below does not apply to them.


So does that mean i can delete it. i dont really understand what the link is saying

I am interpreting this to mean that what you showed is not your application data folder. In that case, it doesn’t matter at all what else is there. The only important thing is that you are not backing up on the same machine you are storing your primary data files. (Lose one, lose all.) But if you’ve moved everything to Dropbox, you’re being backed up there, so no worries.

Right. The program currently creates an index file in whatever folder you open a data file from (unless there is already one there). If you were to open a backup stored on your desktop, it would create an index file on your desktop.

That’s a hopeless cause, because it will be recreated every time you open a file directly. But it’s very small, so really not worth worrying about.

It is describing exactly your situation. I included that link only because it was not clear what folder you were showing. Since you were not showing your application data folder, you can ignore it.

I knew this, but it seemed easier to suggest that the primary application data folder be kept clear of other files. Although they would do no harm, they have the potential to be confusing to anyone who doesn’t really understand what is there. And they present a risk that someone who is over-eager could accidentally delete important data while trying to clean up the folder or reorganize their storage.

When I install a manager update it installs to a folder on my PC in my C drive not drop box.
I very very seldom open the client manager file directly from drop box

So from the above information it does not matter if I delete it and if I do delete the 000000.manager file it will create another 00000.manager file if and when I open the file again directly from dropbox .Have I got that correct now

Yes, you can delete the index file on Dropbox. But why bother? It will just be recreated.

Thank you have done
because it looks messy and when IRD do their spot checks I dont have to explain what that file is and what its for I barely understand it myself Ha ha. I very seldom open the file directly and I dont pay for drop box so have to keep under the free limit.

Any way thanks @Tut I appreciate the information