Why Date in mentioned in Invoice Date Column?

When I went through the Customer and supplier Statement in Number Column, I saw Create Date of invoices mentioned with invoice numbers. If there is a separate Column for a date then why date Appear in the invoice column?
It is very hard to remove date from invoice numbers for reco.
Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 8.27.41 PM

@Barqinsights, it is impossible to know what you are referring to. What does your screen shot show? How did you get there?

The display name of an invoice contains the date as well. This makes it a bit easier to identify invoices.

I take this screenshot from the Customer Statement of account. Most of the time I take data from the manager and paste it into an excel sheet. but it is very hard to separate the date from invoice numbers. I am sending some screenshots in reference.

invoices should identify by the number, not the date. because for a date there is a separate column.

You show Summary → Accounts Payable screen and I guess you copy to clipboard and then paste in spreadsheet. You label this as Customer Statement. Please check if you could use the Reports Tab to achieve what you want.

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No, you did not. As @eko said, your second screen shot in post #4 was from a drill-down from the Summary page of a particular supplier’s Accounts payable balance. It has nothing to do with customers.

This is also not the same screen you showed in post #1, which makes it difficult to understand what you are writing about. When illustrating something you think is a problem, please stick to a single example.

What you refer to in post #1 as the “invoice column” is not an invoice column. It is the “Transaction” column, and depending on what a specific drill-down is showing, includes different content to identify the transaction from which the debit or credit originates. In the case of sales and purchase invoices, that identification includes transaction type, reference number (if used), and date. One reason for this is that not all users include references on their invoices, meaning that an identification without a date would not distinguish one invoice from another in all situations.

They are identified by reference, if used.

To further address your complaint, it would help to know what you are really trying to accomplish. Why are the built-in customer and supplier statement reports not satisfactory?

Finally, from your screen shots, it appears you are using an outdated version of Manager. What version number are you using?