Customer statements improvement

Customer statement have a overdue column, but most of the time I need a due date on the invoice and have to manually calculate the due date and/or go back to invoices and check the dates there.

It would be nice if there is a toggle saying something like “display due date” / “display days overdue”, or even have the due date as an additional column.

Is it possible to have this in the ideas category?

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Can you explain your use case? Customer statements are meant for the customer. If you want information about a customer’s invoice status, why are you not looking under the Customers tab? There, you can click on the number of invoices and get everything: invoice date, reference number, original total, current balance due, and status—including number of days overdue. If you want the original due date, no calculation is necessary, just a click on the relevant View button. And all of that is there all the time. Why go to the trouble of setting a date, selecting the customer, and calculating the original due date?

Just as the statement is for the customer, the Customers tab is for you.

Hm, as far as I can see there is no place in the customers tab to see the due date.

As for the use case yes, sometimes a customer statement is printed for a third party, and they usually require due date instead of days overdue.

I know it is basically the same information, and that is why I asked for it (today - days over due should be equal to due date, right?)

More into psychology of being specific what you want as issuer to the receiver. rather than inform of status only.

“Please Pay up all unpaid invoices before due date respectively” in one page. useful for unpaid customer statement transaction report but not full transactions.

As I wrote before, “If you want the original due date, no calculation is necessary, just a click on the relevant View button.” Do this while looking at the customer’s list of invoices.

I am not sure why. Every unpaid invoice is listed. If it is past due, it is overdue and should be paid, no matter what the due date was.

No. Nothing will show in the Overdue column until the invoice is past due. On the day after the due date, it will show as 1 day overdue, regardless of whether the sales invoice was due immediately or in 3 years.

Certainly, in a fully customized world, you might design a customer statement with different information than the one in Manager. But Manager’s statement format is fairly typical. The aging summary at the bottom is meant as only a rough guide to how delinquent the customer is.

If you think about it, you really do not want to help a customer prioritize overdue invoices too finely. If your customer wants to ignore the terms of your sales invoice and pay on some delayed schedule, make them work at it. Your goal should be to collect everything that is overdue as quickly as possible.

I’m not sure why either, but that is the way they are requesting it.

So, you are saying, no way for the developers to add another column next to date that will show the due date for each invoice?

No, I am not saying that. But my opinion is that a report in a traditional format will not be modified to accommodate a request from a customer of one user. I suspect many users would complain about the clutter. The present format emphasizes what is overdue and by how much.

Well, usually requests for improvements on a forum come from a single user :slight_smile: