Aged Payable and Receivable report

How to show the invoice date as report ?

What do you mean? Both reports prominently display the date.

When I creative aged report and tick show invoice, the aged report only show invoice number without date reference.

I am sorry, but that simply is not true. For example:

You mean the report can not creative invoice date ?

No! I mean the report includes the invoice date automatically. The date of every invoice on the report is right there in front of you. And the date of the report is at the top, in the third line. I honestly do not know what you are asking for, because the dates are right there.

Only the invoice number , no invoice date .

Can you drill down on invoice 221250 to show the invoice details, and note which version of the program you are using?

Thanks all of you , After updated the program version, now can show the invoice date at the report.