Suggestion for Supplier payment

When you go following steps:

  1. Reports
  2. Supplier statment
  3. Choose transaction
  4. Choose date
  5. You get view of suppliers transactions (date, description, debit, credit, balance).

It think that after date should be invoice number and then description. So invoice number is missing information.

Same to add to customer statment.

Doesn’t the invoice number appear under the Description column?

Yes it does. But description should be separated from invoice number. The reason for this is to be able to work with excel file after. For example if you have 1.000 invoices and card from supplier you want to even states, you have a problem with technical corner. You cant use excel function and other.

Your original post said that the invoice number was missing. Obviously, it is not. As long as you enter it into the Reference field, it will appear on the report.

I don’t understand your issue. The report tells you clearly how much is owed. Likewise, the Purchase Invoices tab listing shows the balance due. Your posting says “you have a problem with technical corner.” What does that mean? What is a technical corner? What problem do you think you have? The Supplier Statement report seems to show exactly what a supplier statement should show. What else are you trying to accomplish?