When an invoice is paid won't show on the invoice as paid

Please help
After receiving payment from a client and viewing the invoice then clicking on the receive money button it opens the receipt page, however, the field received in shows no matches found.
What have I done wrong in the setup??
Please help as I cant receipt any payments or print out statements to clients showing outstanding amounts with paid amounts removed

Thank you

What version?

Pease post screen image of the transaction form?

Have you set up a bank account?

First, download and install up to date software. The Receive money button does not exist anymore, having been replaced by New Receipt. So none of the Guides or help from forum users will make sense to you.

Second, if you see a field named Received in, you are attempting to enter an inter account transfer, not a receipt.

Third, read the Guides on related topics. If you still have questions, illustrate your difficulty with screen shots.

Thank you will give it a go