Money received but invoice still shows overdue

I have entered the receipt of payment using the RECEIVE MONEY tab on the VIEW INVOICE screen. The money shows in my cash account but the invoice still shows as overdue. What have I missed?

Can you show screenshot of the transaction (edit screen) which represents payment for the invoice?

What date did you use on the Receive Money, if its in advance of todays date then the invoice will remain unpaid until that date. If not ,then you need to show the screenshots of the Receive Money - View mode and the Sales Invoices tab listing showing the same invoice.

Your screenshots show a cash sale transaction - selling products, not paying an existing Sales Invoice.
If you have previously invoiced this sale via Sales Invoices then the Account for the Receipt should be Accounts Receivable + Customer + Invoice

If you have previously done a Sales Invoice, then your existing Receipt has duplicated the sale

when I click on RECEIVE MONEY in the VIEW INVOICE screen the only account that shows up as being available to post the money to is the Barclays account. i do not get the option to post to accounts receivable.

Barclays account is your cash account, where you received money. Once you select Barclays account, you will be then able to select an account Accounts receivable

Refer to this guide:

That is the Bank selection field - go further down the screen
When receiving a payment against an Invoice you don’t select anything under “Item”.
Click on the “x” in the Item field to clear the line.
Now, under the Accounts field select “Accounts Receivable” + :Customer + invoice as shown above

In fact, when you “click on RECEIVE MONEY in the VIEW INVOICE” and after selecting the bank that line should be automatically completed as required.

So why don’t you delete the current receipt and start again from RECEIVE MONEY in the VIEW INVOICE

Thanks Brucanna, how do I delete the existing receipt?

In your first screenshot, (transaction edit screen) scroll down and you will see the Delete button.

The screenshot was for a transaction in progress.
Once the money has been ‘received’ I do not know how to retrieve that ‘receipt’ and delete it.

Go to the Cash Accounts tab, click on the blue balance for the bank account (RHS)
This will show a list of transactions - click edit next to the relevant receipt transaction and scroll down.

Well I hope it has the same set of circumstances as your original posted situation otherwise the advise being given could be askew

thank you