Recieve money problem

Good Day every one.I have been using manager since 2016 and have never updated it but recently moved to a new computer and did a new install and used a backup of my older version to start on the new on.
but i noticed that in the invoices tab there is no longer a button for recieving money.i see it has a option that says new reciept ,while i see what that does it does not make the invoice say paid in full when i enter in the new reciept . what do i need to do get this back.
it always says overdue even though the money is in the cash account.

It sounds like you did not post the receipt to Accounts receivable >> Customer >> Invoice. Read the Guide: Record a receipt | Manager.

Sorry for late reply.
yes i did do as you said. i did as the manual said.
still no dice.

Post screen shots of:

  • The Edit screen of the sales invoice.
  • The View screen of the sales invoice.
  • The Edit screen of the receipt.

Also, do you have a start date set in the Settings tab? If so, please explain why.

TUT you were correct .i misread your post.
all is good. thanks a million.