We need custom fields on Payslip Summary (Payroll)

We also need to create Custom Fields for Payslip Summary for purposes of like

for the payroll.

  1. Prepared By:…

  2. Checked By;…

  3. Approved By:…

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Custom Fields are Not Available For Reports @Lwanga94

The place to exercise review and approval is at the transaction level. Reports are just that. They present data already in the records. Your suggestion would allow changes to underlying transactions after approval was already indicated.

Agreed, but there are other uses for a payslip report by custom fields.

My use case is that I use custom fields to keep track of individual batches of payroll.

We really need this for Batch Payroll Approval, Authorization and preparer. This can’t be possible under each payslip and we need it for general filing of Payrolls for audit purposes.

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I’ve noticed many users are using Footer field for this purpose.

But Footer field is not available on all reports. Perhaps it should be and then you can put into Footer whatever you require.

I assume these fields are only for the purpose of printing signature placeholders so the report can be signed when printed. Correct?

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Also, can we have custom column names please.

@lubos perfectly captured. You are correct. The fields would be for signature placeholders so the report can be signed when printed, stamped and archived.