Custom Fields on Payslip

Could custom fields from Employee (e.g. Tax File Number, Superannuation Fund, Bank Details) be made to show on Payslips?


I agree with you. I actually thought of that too. That would be very nnice to have

Added to the latest version (15.6.61)

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Dear Sir can you also add custom fields for bank and cash transactions which will show in the columns and also on printed documents? I need a field where i can put “Instrument Numbers” or “Cheque numbers” so that i can easily track errors.
I thank you in advance

Thank you lubos; helps greatly.
BTW the error I mentioned when trying to access the forum from Manager Desktop is still there in new version. It’s a real nuisance; is there anything I need to change to get access back?

I see this error, too. The message reads:

An exception was thrown by the type initializer for Newtonsoft.Json.Utilities.ConvertUtils

@Scising, what operating system are you using? I assume it’s not Windows, right?

Not Windows, Lubos, it’s Mac OS X 10.11.1.