Payslip & Employees

  1. To add month column in payslip, so that we can get monthly output of our salary
  2. To add date of joining and date of birth and employee code and their post while adding employees.
  1. Not sure about this. Can’t you simply put this information in Description column?
  2. You can already do this, simply use custom fields functionality to add new fields to Employees
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Can you add custom fields to Payslips as well so we can add:
Start Date
Job Title

Hi Lubos

Is it possible to add custom fields to payslip so we have the following info on the payslip?

  1. Date started - So when the employee leaves he can’t dispute his start date because it was always on the payslip
  2. Leave days due - If you have a separate system keeping track of leave days it can be shown on payslip
  3. ID number (social security number)
  4. Home address - If employee doesn’t pitch for work you have to deliver the notice to the address on the payslip
  5. Division he/she works for
  6. Job Title

We had some issues with an employee and because this was not on his payslip and we did not deliver notice at his address he we had to be pay according to his “start date” of employment.


Is it possible to add tracking code in payslip?

How do I add information to Description column within the pay slip. As i see, this is a drop down box right now? I want to split the earnings into Basic Pay, HRA, etc?

Go under and find . There you can create earnings and deductions etc.

Thanks. This helped.

Any change on this? Will it not be easier to just pull through the info on the employee tab when you create the employee?
We need to have info as previously mentioned on payslips.