Line - Custom Fields

Dear @lubos, we currently batch process our POS data into and use custom fields to match the two records using unique batch references.

The custom fields work wonders in the import, reconciliation and followup process. However, to generate a full report for a single batch is very difficult since the custom field we use “External reference” is actually three separate fields: one for sales invoices, one for receipts and payments, and one for purchase invoices. This makes creating a batch summary report very difficult if not impractical.

I was wondering if we can somehow create custom fields for transaction instead of creating them for line items. Also, if we can select the type of relationship this field has, if it is one-to-one then it will appear in the header of all transactions, or if we select many-to-one it will appear in the lines.

I don’t know if this is practical to develop, but just to put this idea out there for discussion.

Custom fields, for sure, need a revamping which was already promised. I asked this summer to have the possibility to share custom fields through different Tabs. If I am not wrong it was also put into Ideas. Don’t know what are @lubos programs about this idea.

Yes. They are already in Ideas. See this topic: Shared Custom Fields

Thanks, I will definitely vote for that.