Custom Fields Employee take to Payslip

I would like request feature or just tick like we have now for add to printed document for the custom field on employee.
The reason for this is that when we create a payslip, I would like to pull through the custom fields from the employee that I select from the drop down so you don’t have to create the same custom fields you already created and completed for the employee.

Job Title
Employment start date
and so on…

Not sure what you mean but if you have custom fields on employee level, they can already show on payslips.

I would like custom fields under employee1 already populated with the correct information

  • Title
  • Date of employment

to automatically be able to populate and create the same field on the payslip when you create the payslip for employee1.

Hope this makes more sense.

At this moment I have to populate the same information again when I create the new payslip weekly or monthly.

One way to deal with this is to simply clone payslips. This way you wouldn’t have to create new payslips from scratch each time. Another option will be “Recurring payslips” which is upcoming feature.

And there is one more way. Title and Date of Employement could be created as custom fields on employee level. Custom fields on employee level automatically show on payslips too.

That works perfect. With the fields created on the employee already pulling through populated on the payslip.