Custom fields

is there an option to input a custom field for reports?
when i prepare balance sheet report, profit and loss, trial balance, or any report, at the bottom there should be an area to sign.

prepared by … Approved by …

this is for printing for more uses.

for these two reports you can utilize the Footer field.

No. Custom fields apply to what are called forms in Manager. Reports are not forms; they are processed excerpts from the database.

For reports that do not include a Footer field, you can generate a PDF and use a markup tool in your PDF viewer to add text.

is it complecated system to add that? @sharpdrivetek

mr. @Tut but this should be considered by @lubos.

footer text are important fir any kind of a report. imagine someone brings you a form without anything, this is called a hanging report. who produced and approved that report are the one to be considered in any accounting printed report.
i am not an accountant but my accountant brings me those reports and we write texts mannualy at the bottom for signing.

i think these should be considered in other way they are important
yes @Tut they are from the database but there is a template that loads those data from a database and printing. then those template should include those fields. its only my idea sir!!!

Just edit the settings of the balance sheet report. There’s a note field called “Footer”. You can write there whatever you want and it will appear in the document footer.

As I already said, there is no need to write things manually. Mark up a PDF with your PDF viewer’s features. The fact is, most financial statements do not include signatures. When conveyed outside the company, such as in a shareholder report or to bankers, they are appendices to a signed report or letter. Manager produces reports in traditional form. If you want to modify them, that is easy to do by marking up the PDF. Or, for those reports where footnotes are common, the Footer field is included.

i was only suggesting a workaround you can adopt if and until custom fields for Reports are implemented.

BTW i am in favor of having an option to authorize every accounting document including reports. i would gladly accept if @lubos comes up with a better solution for this than adding custom fields for reports.