Items on Sales Invoice

How do I get items to show up in my invoices?

When I look at my finished sales invoice the Item is not showing on each line I am only getting the following headings “description, qty, unit price, discount, amount”. (yes I am selecting an item.)

When I look at themes the item shows on the sales invoice so I get the headings “item, description, qty, unit price, discount, amount”.

I need to have the item and then the variation/description of the item on the invoice otherwise I will end up with 1,000’s of items based on the possible variations of each product ( size, colour etc)

I have tried to look around for an answer… :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for any advice or help.

This guide Create and manage inventory items | Manager tell you of the different fields associated with inventory items and what will appear on the invoice.

There is also a Description field on the invoice which can be hidden or shown according to your preference

It is not clear from your question whether you are using the Inventory tab or not. Are you keeping track of the stock of all the 1,000s of items?

The relevant part here is:

Item name should be a relatively brief, informative name for the inventory item. It will appear when searching for an inventory item to complete a line item. It will also appear on various management reports. If no further description of the item is entered, Item name will appear in the Description field on completed forms, such as sales invoices.

Thanks @Joe91 I have created a long list of items - these pictures may explain better what I mean
This is what my invoice looks like

this is what I want it to look like and what it looks like in themes.

So I am wanting the item to appear on my sales invoice

The “quisque sit” is the item code



awesome help, Thank you.