Malware alert in 19.6.10

I’ve downloaded (from and installed Windows desktop version 19.6.10, and on running it for the first time I got an alert from Avira Antivirus Pro about malware TR/Dropper.MSIL.Gen ( I’ve uploaded the file to and get one alert from VBA32 for CIL.StupidCryptor.Heur.

On searching the forum I see there have been reports of false positives in the past, and since I know I downloaded it from Manager’s own site I’ll go ahead and tell Avira to ignore it. I thought it was worth mentioning anyway. Should I be reporting a false positive to Avira, or taking any other action?

I’ve been using Manager for nearly a year (and Avira even longer), and never had an alert before.

Yeah, you should always report false positives to antivirus companies. That’s how their products get better.

Thanks, done.