View Templates missing from Settings tab

As first mentioned by @norfolkislandam in Could you please test new “PDF” button? (part 2) - #55 by norfolkislandam, the View Templates option is gone (v16.10.71, or possibly earlier).

This was removed on purpose for new users. There is going to be new section called PDF Templates which will allow HTML customization for more printed documents, not just invoices and will be compatible with new internal PDF generator.

I didn’t want new users to invest any time into view templates as this feature is now obsolete.

How will users access their former templates to take advantage of whatever time and/or money they have invested in them? It looks as though existing templates are still selectable in the sales invoice entry screen and View Templates is available in legacy businesses, but they render horribly when PDF is selected.

If you have any templates created, you will continue seeing the option under Settings tab. The feature has been removed for new users only.