Email Settings - no option for PDF

Version 22.1.5.
On the email settings page where there is the option to select link or pdf this box has disappeared in 22.1.5. and when I try to send an invoice etc out by email I am presented with the email template for the link and not pdf.

As I am using the standalone version and are not running a server, the link does not exist and

cannot be accessed. So at the moment, unless I am missing something I can not email my clients with any documents.

The option has been moved,
Go to settings → Legacy features

Unfortunately Lubos appears to want to remove the functionality from Manager. So keep backups of your data and program files as the new version of Manager may become unusable soon.

I have activated the legacy feature but it makes no difference.

The way Manager is going with regards to PDF/emails looks like I may need to research other products which would be a shame as I have found Manager do what I wanted until now

You should see similar to the following

Which, when you click on send, sends the invoice etc. as a PDF attachment like before.

Removing the send PDF will be the end of it for me too.

What are you expecting? As soon as you activate PDF in legacy features it will show the PDF buttons and will email the attachment, just check and email an Invoice to yourself. You will notice that the attachment is with you email. Indeed, it is less apparent that it does than in earlier versions as you do not get any attachment in the view screen. If you manage to send emails from Manager they will have the PDF attachment.

I just hope that even though the PDF internal generator is no longer actively supported for reasons explained in the forum, that over the next few years new or better generators may come into play or alternative presentations as pursued by Manager in terms of links to online portals such as the Customer portal would be more robust and include suppliers, one offs, etc.

So far the Customer portal is in my view not a secure enough option and the absence of a Supplier portal, or any other portal that would need to replace internal generated PDFs is worry some to say the least. The advise to print to PDF and open you own email is cumbersome because you can no longer keep a record within Manager who you sent emails to.

Thanks for the guide on this, having now tested it, I see a pdf is sent. However I think it is very confusing that Manager displays the format above, particularly when you click on view and nothing happens. There is no indication that a pdf is being created and will be sent.

I agree, but better than nothing anymore at all, so at least we can still use it as long as it lasts.