Templates disappeared

In (only) one of my businesses, the Templates button under Preferences has disappeared (see attached). With the result that I cannot make new templates, nor customize existing templates.
My other businesses have still got this button.

The only difference I can find in the setup, is that in the business with the problem I use Billable Time, and this is turned on in customization. I cannot turn it off – to see if that would solve it.

View templates have been replaced by themes, which affect all forms, not just sales invoices. See these two release notes:

Existing view templates should still work on businesses where they had been created, but new ones cannot be introduced. Unfortunately, view templates cannot be directly copied as new custom themes, either.

Thanks for the fast reply :smiley:

I still wonder why it’s only one of my businesses that misses the Template button.
I just tried creating a new business and activating/using the billable time module - the Template button stays.

The only thing I wanted to change in the template was to make The Total (incl. VAT) appear at the bottom - after the VAT-line.
I actually looked at the themes option, to no avail.
As far as I can see in the theme all the “totals”-lines are generated here: {% for total in table.totals %}…
but I cannot figure out where to set the order of these fields.

Browsing through my invoices I found out that the order of the fields seem random - some of the invoices have the VAT as the last line. Some of them has the VAT as the second last line (see the attached examples).
Furthermore the VAT-text is different, depending on where the VAT-line is placed.

The only pattern I can see, is that if I put down the amounts with “VAT included” checked, the text changes and the VAT-line is placed last. Same thing seems to happen if the invoice is based on billable time.

This is exactly correct, and by design. If the amounts are inclusive of VAT, the tax amount is shown after the total to indicate how much VAT was included in the total. If amounts are tax-exclusive, the subtotal is shown, then the VAT, then the sum of the two as the total.

I am not involved in any way in the coding of the software, but I believe many of the variables are arrays. So I assume order of presentation matches order in the array. There have been several comments on the forum addressing indexing, which is apparently not supported.

Is the business missing the template button one that did not have view template(s) before? I suspect the ones where the View Template option still exists already had a template.

It probably is :frowning:

I think I’ll try to downgrade then, to get the template option back.
Is there a place where I can download older versions of Manager?