Upgrade Changes

Hi There,

I have just upgraded to Version 16.1 and I can no longer find the Sales Invoice Customize under the settings along with Purchase Order Customize etc. Is this part of the update or is there something wrong with my installation?


I am not quite sure what you are asking. For many months now, the Customize link under the left navigation pane has been used only to enable and disable modules (tabs). If you are referring to modifying the standard sales invoice layout, that is done under Settings >>View Templates.

No worries, So basically when I click on Settings there should be like a Sales Invoice Template, Quote Template etc. The reason I ask about it is because I like to have everything “Formal” to a degree and want to change the wording from “Quote” to “Quotation”. I had the feature before I upgraded and wondering where it has disappeared to. I notice that if I create a quote I have an option to add a custom heading but that only applies for that particular quote and doesn’t apply it across the board.


This feature was removed from the program when View Templates were added. If a business already had something entered under this setting, it is still available for that business. New businesses will not see it. If you had previously entered something and it is not available for that business, however, something is wrong and you should contact @lubos.

The reason for this is that some users requested a pro forma invoice. The functionality was basically the same as a quote, but legal requirements demanded different wording. There is not currently an ability to set such a custom header as the default header.