Could you please test new “PDF” button? (part 2)

the error message is showing as an Adobe Acrobat error, could that be it. Do I need another PDF printer

I am running Mac os Sierra, maybe that is the problem

Your problem is something to do with your custom template for your invoice. Something on the custom template is causing the issue.

@dalacor, thank you for the info, unfortunately I deleted my one an only custom template for invoice, still the same, actually I now cannot find where the custom template is

If you deleted it, it is gone. But you would have done that under Settings > View Templates. So if you couldn’t find the template, you probably didn’t go there and it’s still around. Perhaps you just reverted to the standard template for that invoice?

@Tut, when you say it is under settings, view templates, must be something wrong because I have no such setting. Has it been removed?

@norfolkislandam, you can send me your accounting file to, I’ll have a look.

It could be that your invoice contains some unusual character which causes the issue.

@lubos I have just sent my back up file

By the way, it is not just invoice that will not print to PDF, all reports etc. come up with the same problem

Payslip - both using PDF button and Email button.
Some of the table lines are in bold and others are not.

I would suggest that the NET PAY line is in Bold so that it stands out to the employee how much they are going to be receiving.

Those table lines are all meant to be the same thickness. I’m going to look into this.

You are right, @norfolkislandam. It’s gone. I created a bug report for that. Do you know which version you first noticed that? The earliest version number may help find the problem.

@Tut I have reverted back to my download on the 13th Oct, and the View Templates is there. The one I downloaded early on the 23rd will not open, it is called manager (10).dmg, but that only refers to the number of downloads I think. The one I downloaded at 1.59 on the 23rd has no view templates. Still unable to print pdf

believe me you should win a Noble prize for this program , my salute from Egypt

Keep going
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I loaded my file on to a windows 10 computer, no problem printing to pdf. But none of my three macs will do this. I have a macbook, a macbook pro and a Imac, keeps telling me there is a error problem with file and cannot be opened.

@lubos, After realising that my ipad and HTC would be using different pdf readers to my macs, I thought this must be a problem with Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, so I download PDF Reader X for mac, changed to this programme to read PDF files and voila, all working.

Could you send me PDF file which was generated by Manager and could not be opened in Adobe Acrobat? My email is

@lubos, I have sent the pdf file.

@lubos did you receive the file