Version Numbers - Mac & PC

Am I right in saying that the most recent version of the Desktop App is not necessarily the same as the version number for windows?
If so, is it still possible to have the DB on a server and have a Mac and a PC accessing it (in single user of course)?

How did you determine this? Desktop edition version for Mac & PC is the same on both platforms.

Thank you for getting back to me.
We dowloaded the Win version on I Sunday, I believe, and we got version 17.4.72
We downloaded the Mac version 2 days later on got version 17.4.74.
Am I right in saying that we can’t see the version numbers until they are downloaded?

That is correct. But at any given moment, the version available for download is the same for all operating system desktop editions.

If you are accessing the same data file from different operating systems, be absolutely certain they are both the same version. (You can check before you open the accounting data file for a business.) As versions advance, database structures are sometimes changed. Manager converts automatically and all prior versions of data files can be opened by newer versions of the program. But the reverse is not true. Severe data corruption can result from using different version numbers on the same data file. However, using different operating systems is not a problem.

I’m wondering if I am missing something… I may be “barking up the wrong tree”:-
The data file is sitting in Drop Box but is completely invisible to me ? Yet I have coped to this location.
The only user who can see it is the PC user?
Shouldn’t I be able to see it even if I don’t have access?
Seem to indicate an issue with Drop Box sharing but as I was the one who loaded the file?

This would be a Dropbox issue, nothing to do with Manager. To prove to yourself Manager works, backup a file on a USB memory stick. Take it from one machine to another and you will see it from both.