If i want to use this on my laptop and my PC is this possible to link?

I am wondering if i download this onto my laptop, can i also download onto my pc and link them somehow? without using the cloud edition

You can purchase the server edition, which will enable you to log in and share the same installationā€¦

The desktop version is single use only. But here are a few ideas you could try:

If you wish to ā€˜shareā€™ the data between two desktop versions, you can backup: Make a backup of existing business and then restore: Import a sample business the data file between themā€¦

You could also try remote desktop in from the laptop to the PC and use the one installation.

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thankyou so much for your help!!! i will give the first option a try

If you are going to be using both the laptop and the pc, make sure that they both have the same edition/version as the files arenā€™t backward compatibleā€¦

To link them using the same data file - use Dropbox, a cloud backup service - first 2,5 GB free.
This way, each time you open Manager on either machine you will have the latest data file. Just make sure when you are shut down and start up - Dropbox has had an opportunity to sync the files

This also avoids having to do backups and restores.

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Just bear in mind that if you corrupt or lose your data switching between machines the only person responsible is yourself. I donā€™t think that the cloud accounting is expensive and over the long run it will be so much more reliable not having to worry about having same version on laptop/computer and uploading/downloading data on Dropbox or restore/backup etc.

I would definitely recommend the cloud version for you as you want to ensure that there is never any loss of data.

The above solution was not a substitute for not doing backups - proper management in this area still applies.

The comment ā€œThis also avoids having to do backups and restoresā€ only applies to the process of needing to keep both machines up to date.

Any reason you want to avoid the cloud edition?

You can always create a Samba Shared Folder (smb/cifs) and move your data into that folder, so you can access to your data from any computer on the same network. Dropbox idea is not bad, tho. So much more easy. Always remember to do your backups, no matter what, do backups. Server Edition make everything easy and Cloud Edition even easier, but if you donā€™t have the resources this could be a nice method to have your data synchronized between computers. The only downside about Samba is that it requires that the computer that have the data to be online always (or at least at the time when someone is using the data). With Dropbox (or any other service; I would recommend Mega that gives you 50GB for free) you donā€™t have to worry about that. Other downside is that there cannot be two users at the same time using the same data. Best of luck!

Is it possible to share a backup file with a mac and pc ??

Same manager backup file works on windows, mac and linux. when restoring always keep the software updated to the latest version or at least the same version as the PC you backup your data from.