Desktop edition with 2 users

Can we use the desktop version on 2 computers, so we can work with 2 people on it?

No, as the data files are completely separate and there is no way to combine them.
You require the Cloud edition for 2 users so there is only one data file

You could use the server version, also.

Thanks for the info. Im now working with desktop version. I now have THE risk that if my computer crashes THE whole program is gone so as my info. Is it possible to use à Back up on another computer ?

Yes, even between different OS-systems.

Your backup should always be on another drive. If it is not, it isn’t a backup, just another copy of data subject to the same risks of disk crash, theft, fire, and flood as the main copy. Don’t worry about backing up the program, though. You can easily download another version. The program contains none of your data, which is stored in a separate file is all that gets backed up.

Your backup doesn’t have to be on a computer, either. It can be on a stand-alone hard drive or even a USB flash drive. It just needs to be accessible to whichever machine you use to resume operations.

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thanks for the info

Didn’t list the Server Edition as @lubos had noted in other forum threads:
"Server edition is difficult to set up if you don’t have experience with web-servers. Cloud edition is basically server edition hosted by us. So technically we make everything happen so it just works. You can host it online yourself but you are probably better off with cloud edition.

As for backups, download & use Dropbox. This way your Manager data files (not program) are continuously backed up in the cloud without having to do anything - the first 2.5 GB of storage is free. If you have two computers then having Dropbox on both will automatically sync them when logged onto the internet. Read here Relocating Data Filies for more info

If you are using Windows 10 on one or both computers, then OneDrive gives you 15 GB of free storage.

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You can achieve this with the desktop version as well. However you have to keep in mind that you cannot work with Manager at the same time.

You can put the data files in dropbox or use any other sync tool or remote/network storage. Do this for both installs of manager and let the datafile sync or use the same remote location.

As i said before, you cannot work with the same file together!