New releases syncing on dropbox

I run my business accounts on two desktops, one at home and another at work using dropbox. How can I update to a new Manager release while using dropbox. If i update on one PC, will the other PC be automatically updated to the new release?

as far as I know No

you need to update both

You need to update both of them and they should use the same version. The file should be open only by one computer at time.

Generally once a file is saved from a newer version when you go to open it from an earlier manager version it will tell you the file is from a newer version and you need to the manager version to open the file.

So it seems there is some versioning info written to the data file and checked by the app when you open a file.

I keep my file on drop box and get this message from time to time. I upgrade manager on the older platform. Never had a problem.

everytime you decide to update one computer, you have to update all of computer with the same version when you using sync application, however, there will be gap in data if you’re not careful enough to check it sync up to date with another. (Desktop edition)

Another way is by using single version, with accessible via network and web browser. (Server edition). Less prone to error whether you are using latest sync data.