Backup issue

Why my backup in Windows Operated Laptop is showing different balance to the balance shown in my MacBook Air ? Please advice.

It might be to do with set date. Somebody else had a similar sort of issue. See what dates your accounts are beginning and ending at.

Manager shows balances in hundreds of places. Can you be more specific on which screen you see discrepancy. Even better, post some screenshots.

Actually there are more than 50 Journal Entries so far while working on Windows operated system. After backing up full company data and restoring
it on Macbook only 4 Journal Entries are being showed up.

Please advice how to cope up in working on any laptop simeltenously if back up’s are not accurate and showing discrepancies.

Hoping to hear soon from your end

You can send the file you are importing into your Mac to my email and I’ll have a look.

You also may be seeing the effect of different versions if they were not downloaded at the same time. Some things that used to be done via journal entries were transferred several months ago to bank accounts. The conversion was automatic. So if your Windows version was older and your Mac version is newer, some balances on some tabs may look different.

Update both versions to the current one and you should see identical results. Be assured that no data will be lost on either system. However, bouncing back and forth between computers isn’t a good idea. If you need that capability, consider the cloud or server versions.

@Tut makes a very good point. Make sure that you have the latest version on both computers as things have changed between versions especially the Journal Entries. As I said check that your set date is identical on both as you will see different information based on date!

I would also recomend that you use the cloud or server version if you need to access the data on different computers. I can guarantee you that you will end up losing your all your data eventually through data corruption or copying the wrong data backup and you won’t have a recent backup! Given how important your accounts are, bouncing the data back and forth between two computers like that is going to cause you grief in the end. So please do the smart thing and move to the cloud or server version because nobody will be sympathetic to you if you end up losing your data when you have been warned that you are likely to suffer data loss copying the data back and forth between two machines. Also look how much time you are wasting sorting out why the data is different on both machines right now. You have to factor in the cost of your time fixing this non-issue as well as any other headaches in the future!

I would not do what you are doing! I work in IT and I have seen people do this and come crying to me when it goes horribly wrong because they transferred the wrong file because they weren’t paying attention or the file got corrupted! Personally if I was @lubos I would not support a user copying data back and forth between multiple computers because its violating best and safe practice. The point of export and import should be to transfer Manager to another computer. It should not be used to make Desktop Manager work like a server version! The cloud would be ideal for you in your case if you wish to access the data from multiple computers.

Well Actually i was looking to transfer my data from Windows operating system to Macbook as i have recently made a switch on Macbook. Yet one thing i must find bizzare here it that Manager on Windows has more options to open if you click on Reports Tab or Settings tab as a matter of fact compare with Manager on Macbook.

One more problem is that obviously i had downloaded Manager in Windows a year back and was operating on it as a test to see results from this software. Further, results showing on this software were good and it was quite user friendly. However, Manager software which i downloaded in Macbook was pretty recent, that being 2 weeks back. Moreover, after transferring data from one Machine to another was kind of hectic and was bringing no accurate results in final balances.

If this is a persistent problem then i think the concept of free software is not served right as there has to be an option of using it on another laptop / desktop in case of emergency.

Anyhow, i will try and update my Manager software on my Windows Laptop again and see if things are fine and showing accurate balances of my backed up data on Mac Book.

Anyhow, besides this please clarify more on Server Edition. Is it like a one time investment or one has to keep on paying after one year passes by for its maintenance etc. Please clarify.

You are seeing different reports and settings because the entire scheme for them changed many months ago, but after you downloaded your Windows version. Now, reports are available depending on the tabs you have activated using “Customize.” Settings are the same way.

If you update both versions, I believe you will see this is not true. They should give the same results

See this link:

Ok, if you just want to transfer the data from your windows computer and use it on your Mac computer, then the desktop version is perfect for you! The sever version is only relevant if you want to access the data from both computers!

The reason that you are having problems is that you have two completely different versions on the mac and windows computer. Put the latest version on both computers and everything should be identical. The problem is not the backup, export but the fact that you are not using the same version of Manager on both machines and I suspect that you have set date on one of the computers which will affect your balances.

As for the differences between the versions, I have only been using Manager for around six months so I can’t say what has changed in the last year so I will leave others to answer that question which Tut has already done above with regards to reports.

After getting latest softwares on both machines, I had to change the entries. Since I had more than 50 odd entries in Journal Entries section and now it was showing only 2 so I deeply checked in all the entries from starting. And luckily I found 2 things. First being few entries had different values in USD & different values in my chosen currency and secondly most of the transctions off previously entered through journal entries were now entered from Bank (Current and FD) via Transfer Option. All I had to fix was to get accurate exchange rate values which were missing in just a few transactions.

Any how after few problems all was sorted.

I even tried Downloading Server Edition: Macbook couldn’t download it. Whereas Windows had only one problem. When I was suppose to login without typing any password after many tries nothing happened. So I uninstalled the software.

Now I am using Cloud version on trial basis. Could you guide me if I transfer my account from cloud to desktop version back and forth after every alternate month, will I be loosing my Online link or my cloud version data ? Please advice.

You can import/export data between editions whenever you like. When you make a backup in cloud edition, you are not transferring anything. You are making copy of current data. So making backups will never affect your data in the cloud.

I suggest experiment a bit to get familiar with the workflow you are after. Not sure what you mean by losing online link or cloud version data. When it comes to cloud, your data is backed up every 6 hours so even if you would remove all your businesses from cloud edition, it can be restored. So in that sense, cloud edition has durability built-in. And on top of that, you can still make full backups yourself.