Using Payslip Items

I would like to add another row alongside the description of the payslip, such as a work date so as not to constantly add them on my payslip items, since they are variable, how can I place them as such that they appear as part of the description but not as a note, tried using the notes section or adding them using custom fields but I cant seem to place them correctly.

This is so far what happens on my using the custom fields.

That work date entry there would be best if placed alongside the Description, any advice?


Enter the date as part of the description.

Actually that’s not possible since description on payslip is a dropdown of pre-defined payslip items.

I will probably add description field on line item level.

My mistake. I thought the descriptions could be overwritten. Sorry.

Hello, thanks for this. Saw the update. Problem now is when printing the payslip, the original earnings column is already lost, with only the description column remaining. Any fixes?